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Bridging the Gap

ThreeC Innovators has developed a revolutionary program that will redesign a classrooms’ ability to connect to the real world. It is widely understood that an effective technology plan is based on the shared vision of educators, parents, community members, and business leaders, who desire to have more technology education implemented within the classroom.  With the rise in technology education, providing opportunity for students to be engaged in as part of the technological learning experience is the next step toward the future of experiential learning. ThreeC Innovators provides a program that will strengthen existing curricula while facilitating meaningful, engaged learning for all students.

Our Program

InnovatorLabs is a program based around the innovative technology of 3D printing. We have designed a platform that involves 3D printing as a building block for strengthening learning standards. Each program was designed with any school budget in mind. The cost for school- wide implementation of this technology is what sets us apart from any other option. InnovatorLabs is a program in which students will have access to design products on 3D printing software that involve a lesson plan relating to specific classes. The ThreeC Innovators team will come into the classroom to demonstrate and facilitate the use of the 3D printing software and hardware.

Our Mission

We want to see the students work to improve their ability to create, innovate and solve problems. Our goal is to give to students by fostering creativity and common goal. We are willing to help progress toward the future through any creation. We are an organization where limitations are diminished and institutional barriers are broken which gives everyday people the power to design, create, and innovate.

CC BY-SA 4.0, Aleph Objects, Inc. 2015