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Do we need to upgrade our computer infrastructure?

No. The software for this equipment is compatible with all makes models. However driver updates may be required.*

How much is the program per student?

Preferably this program isn't based off of a per student cost. However, school districts can make localized decisions on funding.

When does 3C Innovators offer their Professional Development?

3C Innovators will be providing on site or regional Professional Development during the Summer months.**

How are the students going to do assignments with this technology?

The students will be able to use a online accessible freeware to complete assignments designated by the teachers.

What level of computer skills are required to operate this type of equipment

The average student has enough encounters with everyday technology that operating this software should be simple.

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* Software updates are recommended every 3 to 6 months to ensure the latest program capabilities.

** 3C Innovators is more than happy to work with any individual schedules as needed.