3C Innovators

Invention. Innovation. Application.

Our Mission

3C Innovators strives to improve student creativity, innovation, and problem solving skills. Our goal is to foster creativity in students in the industrial science arena of the future. We are willing to help progress towards the future through any creation.  We are an organization where limitation are diminished and institutional barrier are broken, thus giving everyday people the power to design, create, and innovate.




Founder, and CEO

Jonathan R. Puhl

Phone: (712) 541-1038

Jonathan has had many ventures over the last few years; 3C Innovators being his fourth. Some of his other ventures have been in industries such as computer building, bitcoins, and UAV’s; demonstrating a long history of technology experience. The driving force behind starting 3C Innovators is to help students envision, explore, and create their ideas. Students are the forefront on innovation and he believes we need to help them push the limits of technology.

Jonathan wants to dive deeper into the world of product prototyping and development. This goes hand in hand with his personal goal of reworking IP structure anywhere he can in his projects. Jonathan wants to see a reform around IP happen with many educational structures to give the students back their ideas and abilities to create unhindered. Along with these restructuring goals, Jonathan also wants to help educational institutions navigate the moving technologies and utilize them to their fullest. Jonathan wants to see technology implemented into classes to create the most engaging learning experience as possible for students.

Jonathan has a personal love of computers and is often building them either for himself or for friends. He loves to read and keep up to date on all the new technological engineering aspects that he can. Through these readings he is able to deconstruct many pieces of technology and further understand their workings. Jonathan is also a little bit of a gear head; he has recently discovered a strong connection with cars. He loves to take things apart, working with his hands, and never afraid of getting dirty. Mopar or no car.